Monday, April 8

Sujata Achrekar

The Ascetic
They say I've lived a million years...
They say I'll live a million more.
Orange flames
paint my skin...

the scars beneath.

I see the world
That lies before
'Her' mangled ghats...
The horizon
is on
the brink of decay...
with vicious
I immerse myself
in Ganga's depths.
Her holiness
Chars my body...
Scalds it,
till I exist no more
The river
still burns
upon my scars - 
dead bodies
from her womb
And - 
My shadow walks away from me
Eclipsing the million years I've lived
Eclipsing the million years I'll live.

©Anukriti Sharma 2012 

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Monday, March 4

Online Publication of EI

Dear Poets/Artists,

Ekphrasis India is extremely sorry for the delay in the publication of its online magazine: EI

The delay has been due to some unavoidable circumstances. We are now back and will soon publish the magazine.

We will keep you posted and publish the online magazine by April 30.

I request all our dear poets to please bear with us for sometime.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Warm regards,

Anukriti Sharma