Wednesday, March 7

Results - Poetry Writing Contest: 1

Dear Poets,
We would like to thank you all for participating in Ekphrasis India's Poetry Writing Contest: 1. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated by our team. We apologize for the delay in announcing the results. The reviews too shall soon be sent to all the participants.

Before we declare the results, we would like to share some good news with our readers.
Ekphrasis India will soon launch its very own online magazine - EI 

EI aims at bridging the gap between various art forms. It promotes budding artists and poets by giving them a platform to express their creativity.
The Editorial Board - Samik Bhattacharya, Rahul sharma, Mihir Vatsa, Anukriti Sharma

Here's the cover of our January issue. Concept and Design - Anukriti Sharma -

18 poets shall be featured in EI ( Their poems shall be published in our magazine along with a short bio/photograph). Their words brought life to the colours and characters of Samik Bhattacharya's painting. Ekphrasis India team wishes all of you the very best in life. Congratulations!

EI's featured poets along with their poems :

1. Annie Besant - The House That Love Built
2. Jaya Swarup - Have Nots
3. Madhumita Ghosh - Play on...
4. Nishi Jain - The Evening Song
5. Pooja Sharma Rao - Patriarchy
6. Reena Prasad - Aurulent Tones
7. Rukhaya MK - The Sound of Music
8. Susma Sharma Gurumayum - The Gathering
9. Zeenath Ibrahim - Absences

1. Abhishek Rath - A Panegyric on the Painting
2. Abhishek Srivasta (Sahir) - Us Shaam Hua Yuun Mehfil Mein (It so happened that evening)
3. Arvind Kumar Sharma - Raga of Life
4. Cijo Abraham Mani - The Durbar of Music
5. Dr. A.V. Koshy - Tansen
6. Felino A. Soriano - Assemblage of approbated rhythms
7. Gopakumar.R - I sing for you
8. Rajarajan - The Man behind the Veil
9. Suraj Samtani - Inspired to Perform

The magazine can be viewed online from 15th March.
If you have any queries or would like to contribute in EI -
Mail us at

The Winners of Poetry Writing Contest: 1Heartiest Congratulations to all the winners. We shall soon contact you.

1st Prize - Poet of the Month - Receives a special prize from Ekphrasis India along with a winner badge.
Reena Prasad for her poem "Aurulent Tones"
Sharjah, UAE

2nd Prize - Receives a special prize from Ekphrasis India along with a winner badge.
Rajarajan for his poem "The Man Behind the Veil"
Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India

3rd Prize - Poem to be published in Vayavya Magazine
Felino A. Soriano for his poem "Assemblage of approbated rhythms"
California, USA

4th Prize - Poem to be published in Impulse Magazine
Abhishek Rath for his poem "A Panegyric on the Painting"
Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India

Thank you,
Ekphrasis India Team


  1. thank you ekphrasis for the contest and choosing my write

  2. Thank you for selecting my poem 'Aurulent Tones" as the winner of the First Ekphrasis Contest.Congratulations to all the other winners and the featured poets too!
    -Reena Prasad

    1. Heartiest Congratulations! We loved your poem! Beautiful composition... :)

  3. Thank you so much ! this is a special honour ! Pooja Sharma Rao

  4. really glad have found a place in EL's first issue.. congrats to my friends.. special congraturlations to reens abd abhi for the 1st and 4th place respectively.. thanks to koshy sir for letting me know of this oppurtunity.. and that's a pretty cool cover! :)

    susma sharma gurumayum

  5. Thank you for the honours!!!

  6. Thanks for choosing my poem to be published in EL. You guys are doing great. It seems to be a very promising initiative. And the cover is outstanding.