Tuesday, January 31

Poetry Writing Contest: 1

Do you love writing poems? Do verses flow from your pen the moment you see a beautiful creation? Does art appeal to your senses? If yes, then this contest is for you.

Ekphrasis India invites poets from across the globe to participate in its first Poetry Writing Contest.

All you need to do is write a poem based on this painting made by our in-house artist Samik Bhattacharya.

The Ten Commandments/ Guidelines:
1. Poems should be written in English. You can also write in vernaculars/other languages, but if you do so, please try and include a translated version alongside.

2. The poem must be based on the given painting. And yes, don't forget to title your poem. Irrelevant entries shall be rejected.

3. Submit your work here - ekphrasis.india@gmail.com Do mention your name, location and other details you would want to share with us.

4. Entries shall be accepted from Tuesday 31st January, 2012 to Wednesday 22nd February. Multiple entries are allowed but late entries shall not be entertained.

5. The Best Poet shall be conferred the title of "Poet of the Month".  He/She shall receive a personalised "winner badge" and also get his/her poem published on Impulse and Vayavya Magazines.

6. Top poems shall be published on Ekphrasis India.

7. Anukriti Sharma, Mihir Vatsa, Samik Bhattacharya and Rahul Sharma shall judge the entries on the basis of creativity, content, and relevance.

8. This contest is open to people from all over the world. We do not discriminate poets on the basis of gender, religion, colour, caste, creed, community, ethnicity etc. Please refrain from writing hateful/discriminatory content.

9. For further queries/questions leave a comment or contact us on - ekphrasis.india@gmail.com We are always happy to help.

10. Free Review! Contestants can now get their poem reviewed by our team. All  you need to do is write"Feedback" or "Review my Poem"  in the subject line. Free review is applicable only to the contestants who follow the guidelines. We might take some time to respond, so please be patient.

All the Best! :)

This is the painting for the Contest:
©  Samik Bhattacharya

Sunday, January 29

Gouri Vemula

the world
While  Eve
lives a life
of damnation...
No longer chaste - 
never to be

Birds of prey
prey upon her beauty...
And devils of hatred
to do
death duty.

Following Satan's decree
she lies
the folds of
a tree...

at her
of caprice

Lecherous demons
every side...
the waters of doom
Rape Adam's bride...

Styx, the river
Is bleeding red
Adam is dead
Oh!Adam is dead!

A boat
lies stagnant
on the shore
But it moves no more
It moves no more!
©Anukriti Sharma 2012 

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Satish Multhalli

I kill my present,
looking for a future past
-when I was sad,
happy too-
to meet the ghosts of past
-I kill my present-
who scream to me
that they helped me once
out of the grave they put me into-
laughed at me; held my shoulder
killed me; gave me a new life
when from a happy present
I had retreated to them
"once upon a time"…

I kill myself:
every night,
to wake up anew
with new thoughts
but into a past
listening to them-
the ghosts of past-
which were too dear to me
the ally,
and reasons,
of my bad past…

And the cycle continues-
taking birth
committing suicide
every day-
-being sad in past
-questioning the present
compromising with pain
being contented with those in pain
-a patient with a patient-
not coming out of
of the hospital:of past..

And being surprised
when happiness comes
-the ray of hope-
the quest:
for darkness overpowers;
and you recede back
-once again-
killing yourself
meeting your friends
-the fellow patients-
suffering like you
not ready to heal
but making everyone sick…
©Rahul Sharma 2012

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Thursday, January 19

Ranabir Saha

Gautam Buddha Road   

In the Delhi winter,

a rickshaw rushed beside 

her insomniac steps,
stalked by many libidinal eyes.

©Mihir Vatsa 2012

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Pawan Sharma

Scarred are my faces
With a generation of lies
Look out of your window
And see how the time flies

We have spoken in silence
But your ears were all deaf
Of the promises you have spoken
And the ones you never kept

I lift my hands today
With a thousand painted faces
Colors that disappreared from them
But the memory itself never erases

The voices that you face today
Are a thousand thunders of fire
Stored from the souls of serene
Deprived of desires

The strength they have driven
From your mockery and satire
Now your voice echo hollow
Of a mere dejected liar

The light has marched the horizons
The dawn is not so far
You will have our promised revolution
From each of the throbbing scars
                                                           ©Samik Bhattacharya 2012

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Tuesday, January 3

Jiaur Rahman

BlogJunta - An ode to the Blogosphere
 Crimson Blood
The one you abhor
I call him Lord

His crimson blood
drop by drop...

And it soaks my soul
pore by pore
in eternal love...

I call him Allah
I call him Ram
His scars embalm 
my tarnished essence...
the kernel of
Sprouts within..

I call him Jesus
I call him Buddha

You ask me...
Who is he that you love?
God's shadow
Or Incarnation?
or Imagination?

I say:
He lives in me
He lives in you
He lives in us

Atheist though you are
One day 
You too shall 

You too shall 
His death

His pain
is nothing to you...

Murdered him...
Slaughtered him
Killed him!
His love is unending
It remains
As my quintessence
© Anukriti Sharma 2012
To know more about Jiaur Rahman, click on any of his paintings below:

Monday, January 2

Sunil Tambe


Azure shivers

the nascent fence
holding back 

there were scars 

her touch shrinks
as wavy blades crawl
to blind those


a bed sheet starched 
© Mihir Vatsa 2011

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Ajay De

Through your Eyes
Why are your eyes shut tight,
I know you are not sleeping tonight
Wearing your golden tiara
Of dreams that are screaming inside

Time flies draining all the lies
The leaves of memories fall and fade
I just want to lose my way
Right into your sweet serenade

I wish I could grow little wings
To fly away with your little dreams
I would live a million lives
If you let me see through your eyes...
©Samik Bhattacharya 2011

To know more about Ajay De, click on any of his paintings below:


Anjolie Ela Menon

The Silence of his Life
Kafka sits alone
if only he could
 feel relieved
from the world
crackling in the backdrop...
All serene...
yet hooting.
Amid the silence
of his life...
black and white life.
© Rahul Sharma 2011
To know more about Anjolie Ela Menon, click on any of her paintings below: