The Writers

The Dreamer

Anukriti Sharma is a Mumbai based writer. She is the Founder and Owner of Ekphrasis India. She completed her post-graduation in English Literature from Miranda House, Delhi University. 
A completely visual person who loves to dream; her passions include blogging, reading, music, social service and painting. She is the Founder and Administrator of "My Memoirs of Mesmerizing Memories"; an award winning blog which has won many accolades including recognition and prizes from Yahoo! India, Dove, HP, Surf Excel, HUL, Indiblogger, BlogAddaBlogJunta and Blogger's SymposiumEminent personalities like Javed Akhtar, Ayaz Memon and Ashok Chakradhar have acknowledged her with the best blog award for her poem on Mumbai Terror Attack. Her work has also been published in various college journals and online magazines like The NRI, Youth Ki Awaaz, and Impulse

The Poet

Mihir Vatsa grew up in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, and currently lives in New Delhi where he is pursuing his graduation in English Literature from Delhi University. 
He is the Co-Founder and Administrator of Ekphrasis India. A self proclaimed Tourism Activist in the Hazaribagh region, he is the Founder and Administrator of 'Tales of Hazaribagh'- an online web portal which works for a healthy tourism in Hazaribagh. 

Mihir's poems and writings have been published in various magazines and journals including
 Muse IndiaThe Enchanting Verses Literary ReviewYouth ki Awaaz and The River Journal. He is also the Associate Editor of Vayavya, an online magazine.

The Philosopher

Rahul Sharma is the Co-Founder and  the Tech Guru of Ekphrasis India. He is currently a student of English Literature at Delhi University and describes himself in the words - Philosopher, lover, physicist, dreamer, anarchist, stranger, loner, dead. He is the Founder and CEO of Impulse Magazine - A leading Online Literary Magazine of India. Impulse is the popular "general interest" magazine which aims at developing healthy reading taste as well as writing skill among the masses. Impulse started as an ambitious endeavor in October 2010 and has now spread its branches across the Web World. It runs various contests like IWBP and IWBSSW, which encourage writers to express themselves.

The Artist

Samik Bhattacharya is an Engineering student from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Designer of Ekphrasis India. This multi-talented twenty year old is a story-writer, poet, photographer, painter, guitarist and vocalist. His band Backyard Bandits is creating waves in Indian music industry. He is the lead guitarist and vocalist of his band. A blogger who worships music and loves expressing himself through his artwork; he is also our In-House Artist. His paintings are meaningful and permeated with the essence of life. Reality and dreams form the theme of his works and he aims towards attaining a balance between the various binaries that surround us. Profoundly inspired by motivational writers, his work is exceptionally unique and creative abilities complement his inner personality. He writes his dreams through his personal blog, "Dreams on Paper Leaves"

At present, he lives in Kolkata. 
This site has been designed by him.