Thursday, February 16

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival - Mumbai, 2012

Straight from the Horse's mouth
Anukriti Sharma visits Kala Ghoda Arts Festival and brings to you a glimpse of Mumbai's artistic, vibrant colours.
To know more about Kala Ghoda Association click on the picture below: 
Mumbai's Pride
The Festival of Art
Something to crow about
Cube of Compassion
Best out of Waste
Chat in Denims
Have an eye on art
Little things that matter
Smoking Kills!
Time to unlock bottled corridors
Big Catch
Back to the Future
Embrace Life
Let Go of everything that pulls you back
Words on a Wooden Horse
Give Peace a chance
Corruption Down Under
The modern Yamraj
Colours of Life
Up in the Air
Street Art
Peopled by people
Handle with Care
Art Expressed
Your i-dentity
Little children wiser than men
Treat for Shopaholics
The Majestic Kala Ghoda
Bottled Lantern
In a nutshell


  1. Can i get the contact details of those who are participated in kalaghoda festival?

  2. wish i was there.. really nice pics.. would have really loved to own some of those stuff u captured..