Friday, March 9

Amiya Bhattacharya

Sadness besieged me
Sadness besieged me
 When I woke up this morning
 An April day
 Thought about the memories
 I so much cherish
 Under the umbrella of sleep
 In the night
 Devoid of those
 Who left no stone unturned
 To kill me..

To mockingbird -
 Who in this large world of infinite desires
 Seeks life in a single pebble
 Floating on the stream
 Flowing down the rocks
 I look and say
 O my bird
 Where dost thou find yourself
 Entranced in this world of eagles
 Who beguile you to clouds
 And cut your wings
 Thrash you to the world beneath..

In the rains befitting my soul
 I look at the clouds
 The rocks of air
 Enticing me to live and
 Then again
 Rocking me down
 A spear of lightening
 Leaving me alone
 A withered leaf
 Drenched with moisture
 But dying of its want...

In a seldom hope that spring shall come
 You spoil your rain
 Thinking about about those memories
 Which never were
 And which never could
 Be part of what you see suiting your life
 Because my friend
 Everyone is as alone as you are
 Behind that mask of smiles
 Everyone is as weak as you are
 Enshrouded by an armour
 Who keeps hopes away
 And allows not the life
 To come out of it..

And being alone in rain
 We pity others
 Trying to feel strength
 In the weakness of others
 Deceiving our weak self
 That yes there is someone
 Who needs our help
 There is someone who is
 As wretched as we don't
 Want the world to know about us..
 And we perish
 By the hands of a fox in sheep
 And leave our world adrift
 Of any hope of happiness...
© Rahul Sharma 2012

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