Thursday, January 19

Pawan Sharma

Scarred are my faces
With a generation of lies
Look out of your window
And see how the time flies

We have spoken in silence
But your ears were all deaf
Of the promises you have spoken
And the ones you never kept

I lift my hands today
With a thousand painted faces
Colors that disappreared from them
But the memory itself never erases

The voices that you face today
Are a thousand thunders of fire
Stored from the souls of serene
Deprived of desires

The strength they have driven
From your mockery and satire
Now your voice echo hollow
Of a mere dejected liar

The light has marched the horizons
The dawn is not so far
You will have our promised revolution
From each of the throbbing scars
                                                           ©Samik Bhattacharya 2012

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