Sunday, January 29

Satish Multhalli

I kill my present,
looking for a future past
-when I was sad,
happy too-
to meet the ghosts of past
-I kill my present-
who scream to me
that they helped me once
out of the grave they put me into-
laughed at me; held my shoulder
killed me; gave me a new life
when from a happy present
I had retreated to them
"once upon a time"…

I kill myself:
every night,
to wake up anew
with new thoughts
but into a past
listening to them-
the ghosts of past-
which were too dear to me
the ally,
and reasons,
of my bad past…

And the cycle continues-
taking birth
committing suicide
every day-
-being sad in past
-questioning the present
compromising with pain
being contented with those in pain
-a patient with a patient-
not coming out of
of the hospital:of past..

And being surprised
when happiness comes
-the ray of hope-
the quest:
for darkness overpowers;
and you recede back
-once again-
killing yourself
meeting your friends
-the fellow patients-
suffering like you
not ready to heal
but making everyone sick…
©Rahul Sharma 2012

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